Our customers expect a lot from us - and they should.

IMGM Laboratories GmbH has a long track record of creating value for our customers applying a breadth of expertise across a wide range of service projects in more than 30 countries world-wide.


The IMGM Labolatories has provided not only a cost-effective avenue for my genome-wide expression analysis, but also, I have received excellent support for my data analysis. The responsiveness and support from the IMGM Team has exceeded my expectations. We will for sure continue to use IMGM services.

Pawel Karpinski, PhD, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland


IMGM performed copy number analysis of human tumour samples using the Affymetrix OncoScan FFPE Microarray for a number of projects. The team of IMGM was always very fast and professional in providing us with a detailed report. Moreover, they helped us with the data analysis and always rapidly replied to the specific questions we asked.

Dr. Nadejda Valtcheva, Institute of Surgical Pathology, University Hospital of Zurich


Great! I like to work with IMGM because the team is so competent, flexible and straightforward. We have performed a number of pre-clinical and clinical gene expression studies with IMGM and made very good experiences. I can highly recommend this team!

Dr. Hella Kohlhof, 
Dpt. Translational Pharmacology, 4SC AG, Martinsried, Germany


The IMGM microarray gene expression team has provided us excellent service and was willing to answer all sorts of our questions, even if they were not directly related to the projects.

Dr. Spela Baebler, 
Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology, National Institute of Biology, Slowenia


The IMGM Team tackled our microarray project with great enthusiasm and the cooperation was excellent. Availability and professionality of the staff was outstanding. The IMGM team also assisted with hit validation by qPCR and results were always compiled in a comprehensive manner. I highly recommend IMGM for microarray and qPCR studies as well as any related bioinformatics analyses.

Dr. Charlotte Boucher, Department of Biotechnology, University of the Free State, South Africa


I am happy with the excellent customer service and quality of data in the long-run 454 amplicon sequencing of fungal ITS sequences from orchid mycorrhiza provided by the IMGM team.

Dr. Leho Tedersoo, Department of Botany, University of Tartu, Estonia


IMGM performed comparative genome sequencing for us. They took care in sample quality confirmation. Sequencing results and data analyses were sent within weeks of sample submission. We are very satisfied with the availability of IMGM staff for questions, the quality of the analyses, and the fast turnover time from sample submission to results.

Dr. Alexandra Gruss, Research Director, INRA, Emergence and Risk (Micalis), France


In cooperation with IMGM we performed several gene expression microarray projects in the last years. The initial contact and consultation was excellent and competent. Results were provided in structured and conditioned data format usable for our own bioinformatics approach. Performance of array hybridization was always reliable and reproducible. For further projects we will ask for IMGM support again.

Dr. Cornelia Grosse, Institute of Microbiology, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany


The IMGM team supported us in performing a custom made aCGH. As it was the first time for me to design a custom array, I had many questions which were competently and patiently answered by the IMGM team. In the meantime, we have performed the same custom array another two times and were very pleased with the structured procedure of data generation and analysis. Also reanalysis concerning a specific question was never a problem. Last time, I was even informed about the progress of our project which was very helpful to plan the further steps.

Julia Vogt, MSC, Institute for Human Genetics, University Ulm, Germany


The IMGM team supported our research & development activities in competent, reliable and effective manner. All deliverables showed up on-time. It was fun to work with these guys.

Jürgen Friedrichs, Director Method Integration Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, USA


We selected IMGM for our initial development of a blood-based test for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease. The high quality and control at all steps of the work at IMGM was essential for the development of our first CE-approved test, ADtect, and we would not hesitate to entrust them with further projects in the future.

Dr. Anders Lonneborg, Research Director, DiaGenic ASA, Oslo, Norway


The IMGM team proved its competence in several very diverse scientific projects. One of those was the detection of a gene signature which allows us to discriminate radiation-associated papillary thyroid cancers from sporadic thyroid cancer occurring due to other reason (Chernobyl-project). These people do listen and are making thoughtful suggestions before the start of a project. They clearly point to the pros/cons. We do feel very comfortable with a competent partner like them who reliably help accelerating our research.

Prof. Dr. Michael Abend, Deputy Director, Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology, Munich, Germany


I have had two different gene expression projects performed by IMGM and each time they proved to be very professional and reliable. They will definitely be my first choice for future projects.

Dr. Ansgar Brüning, University Hospital Munich (LMU), Germany


The very competent IMGM team supported us in a number of projects including gene expression microarrays. The cooperation was excellent and the results were provided in time with a very valuable bioinformatics package including pathway analyses. We could confirm all top hits of the microarray analyses by quantitative PCR. The highly professional and reliable IMGM team will be our partner for future microarray experiments.

Stephan Brand, MD, University Hospital Munich (LMU), Germany