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Biomarker Discovery

Biomarkers are of high importance and great value in many life science areas ranging from trait or disease association (e.g. molecular genetics and HLA genotyping) to personalized medicine (e.g. drug discovery and pharmacogenetics).

IMGM offers a wide range of services to support you in the discovery of biomarkers. Whether you are doing basic research on model organisms or conducting preclinical or clinical studies, you can count on our in-depth experience and expertise to make your project a success. 

Besides catalog qPCR, microarray and next generation sequencing solutions, IMGM offers professional assay and array designs tailored to your specifications. Our biomarker discovery service is rounded off by expert bioinformatics analyses that will also be adjusted to your request.

IMGM´s biomarker discovery service portfolio includes:

From genome to gene services – DNA studies

Take the advantage of IMGM´s comprehensive experience in next generation sequencing for your study of whole genomes, exomes or custom specific panels. Whether you are interested in mutation analysis or copy number determination IMGM offers the right solution for you.

Expression Profiling

Possession of a wide range of outstanding technologies for next generation sequencing, microarray analysis and quantitative PCR enables IMGM to offer excellent services for mRNA as well as non-coding RNA research.

Systems Biology Approach for your FFPE samples

Elucidating the molecular drivers of your FFPE samples requires a strategy that is capable of integrating multiple forms of genomic data. For this approach, IMGM offers a technological portfolio of DNA genes panels, copy number analysis, genome wide methylation studies and expression profiles by RNASeq. Thus, we offer you the insight into your FFPE samples on all genomic levels.

IMGM Bioinformatics

Accelerate your research with the best informatics strategy. IMGM provides a systems biology informatics toolkit to capture, query, and visualize your genomic data. We explore the variation between your samples (SNP, CNV) or integrate your expression data to Identify differentially expressed genes from RNA-Seq, Microarray, and other expression studies. Our scientists have decades of experience in biology and computer science and look forward to reveal the secrets of your data.

IMGM´s biomarker discovery service supports both small and high throughput projects always offering a competitive price benefit ratio.

Our expert team is pleased to offer you professional services and to support you at any time.

IMGM's professional Biomarker Discovery Services include:

  • Professional Quality Management – ISO 17025, GLP and GCP compliant
  • Extensive project consultation
  • Identification of the appropriate technical approach and platform
  • Professional sample processing throughout the workflow
  • Expert bioinformatics service for biomarker identification
  • Detailed and comprehensive reporting of data and results
  • Biobanking of study samples

See a detailed workflow description here.


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