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Metagenomics Services

Metagenomic sequencing is a culture-independent, high-throughput analysis to identify microbial composition (e.g. bacteria, virus, and fungi) in food, soil, skin and other environments. Taxonomic analyses and functional profiling make metagenomics a powerful tool to understand the role of microorganisms in a complex community.

Biomarker Discovery Services

Biomarkers are of high importance and great value in many life science areas ranging from trait or disease association (e.g. molecular genetics and HLA genotyping) to personalized medicine (e.g. drug discovery and pharmacogenetics). IMGM offers a wide range of services to support you in the discovery of biomarkers. Whether you are doing basic research on some model organism or conducting (pre-) clinical studies, you can count on our in-depth experience and expertise to make your project a success.

Pharmacogenetic Services

It is widely recognized that efficacy and safety of many drugs and drug candidates are strongly influenced by genetic factors. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and more complex structural variations like insertions/ deletions or gene copy number variations in drug-metabolizing enzymes, drug transporters or targets often affect the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a compound. With our extensive experience and capabilities to perform variant analyses, IMGM contributes solutions on the road to a more personalized medicine. We offer a broad range of state-of-the-art technologies, analysis platforms and applications to serve your needs in pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics and companion diagnostics

Biodistribution Services

Tumorigenesis, chromosomal instability and vertical transmissions in germline cells are potential risks of gene therapy or DNA vaccine approaches. To address these issues, regulatory agencies worldwide require pre-clinical in vivo biodistribution studies to evaluate the safety and toxicity of nucleic acid therapeutics. At IMGM, our expert team has long-standing experience in complex assay design and validation, resulting in high-quality data. We design GLP-certified qPCR and ddPCR-based biodistribution studies investigating the persistence of nucleic acid therapeutics in target tissues the dissemination into non-target tissues or gene expression in germ lines.

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• Free of charge and in-depth consulting
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• Dedicated project manager as direct contact person
• Regular updates on your project status

Technology & Methodology:
• Flexibility with a broad spectrum of up-to-date technologies
• Experienced team in next gen seq library construction
• Choose the platform that fits your experiment, not the other way around

Quality Assurance:
• Quality checks of your samples
• Experiments and reporting according to your regulatory needs due to our comprehensive accreditations and certifications
• Rigorous quality checks to ensure sequencing success
• High-quality data from state-of-the-art technology platforms

Data Analysis & Reporting:
• Delivery of raw data as well as full data analysis results
• Detailed and comprehensive reporting including all quality check data and method descriptions
• Written in publication style

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