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Metagenomic sequencing is a culture-independent, high-throughput analysis to identify microbial composition (e.g. bacteria, virus, and fungi) in food, soil, skin and other environments. Taxonomic analyses and functional profiling make metagenomics a powerful tool to understand the role of microorganisms in a complex community. IMGM metagenomic services are DAkkS accredited according to ISO17025.

Using MiSeq and NovaSeq sequencing technologies, IMGM offers the following services:

16S Amplicon-Seq V1-2, V3-V4* or V6-V8 region of 16S rRNA genesprokaryotic identification
18S Amplicon-SeqV1-V3 region of 18S rRNA geneseukaryotic identification
ITS Amplicon-Seq ITS1, ITS2 region or 5.8S rDNAfungal identification
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Phylogenetic Identification
Metabolic Profiling
Custom Amplicon Sequencing
IMGM's professional Metagenomics Services include:
  • Selection between IMGM´s standard portfolio and custom primers
  • Flexible starting point from DNA isolation to sequencing-ready library loading
  • Professional consulting and proposal of the appropriate technical approach and platform
  • Reliable sample processing throughout the workflow
  • Fast turnaround times and focus on high-quality data
  • Customized bioinformatic panels
  • Detailed and comprehensive reporting of data and results
  • Dedicated service for medical/clinical samples

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