Biomarker Discovery

Discover Biomarkers using IMGM's extensive experience in molecular genetics
Biomarker Discovery

Biomarkers are of high importance and great value in many life science areas ranging from trait or disease association (e.g. molecular genetics and HLA genotyping) to personalized medicine (e.g. drug discovery and pharmacogenetics).

IMGM offers a wide range of services to support you in the discovery of biomarkers. Whether you are doing basic research on some model organism or conducting (pre-) clinical studies, you can count on our in-depth experience and expertise to make your project a success.

Our Service Portfolio
Whole-genome, panel and targeted sequencing
Exome sequencing
Transcriptome sequencing
Single Cell Sequencing
Ready-to-load Sequencing
Gene expression analysis

IMGM‘s professional biomarker discovery services include:

  • Professional Quality Management – ISO 17025, GLP and GCP compliant
  • Extensive project consultation
  • Identification of the appropriate technical approach and platform
  • Professional sample processing throughout the workflow
  • Expert bioinformatics service for data analysis
  • Detailed and comprehensive reporting of data and results, including a publication compatible material and methods section, QC data and final results
  • Biobanking of study samples

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